Moving Love Forward with Loveology

April 5, 2024

Loveology emerged from a heartfelt desire to address the intricate dynamics of relationships in the modern age. Loveology knew moving love forward required harnessing the power of technology, so Loveology partnered with Servant to create a digital platform for couples and marriage mentors alike.


The Challenge

Loveology needed help to develop a customizable platform that enables people to easily find the relationship advice they’re looking for.

Proposed Solution

Servant leveraged user personas, market research, and user experience design principles to create a platform that would resonate with the very hearts Loveology aimed to reach.

The Results

Together, we delivered an intuitive and engaging video platform that has facilitated 101 marriage experts answering 311 submitted questions and curated 667 videos.

The Outcome

Servant’s Impact
  • 101 Marriage Experts 
  • 311 questions submitted 
  • 667 Videos Hosted 
  • 34 topics
Resulting Performance
  • 5 active partner sites
  • 55k videos watched 
  • 187k unique visitors

The Inspired Vision

Create a free relationship resource dedicated to answering people’s questions from today’s top relationship experts.

The Challenge

1 Accessibility and Customization 
Loveology was looking to create a platform that would allow people to easily access relationship advice.

2 User Engagement and Experience
The challenge included making the platform intuitive and engaging, and maintaining a high-quality user experience post launch. 

3 Outreach and Impact Expansion 
Loveology aimed to equip individuals and enable coaches and churches to bring relationship resources to their communities.

Our Role

1 Developed a Flexible Platform

Servant developed a customizable digital platform that included a user-friendly interface where advice could be filtered or searched, allowing users to find specific guidance relevant to their questions.

2 Integrated UX Design

Servant integrated UX design principles to ensure the platform was not only appealing but also easy to navigate. Servant also focused on solving the problem of maintaining a high-quality user experience by continuing to deliver design improvements and bug fixes.

3 Optimized Reach

Servant used SEO and Google Ads to optimize the platform's reach, managed social media for community engagement, and supported partnerships with churches and organizations. This multi-faceted approach tackled the problem of expanding Loveology’s impact beyond just the digital space into actual communities and partnerships.

The Outcome

Loveology’s kingdom impact has been incredible. Couples are now equipped to navigate their most challenging relationship questions with confidence. Churches and marriage coaches have been empowered to bring these invaluable resources into their communities.

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