Building a Borderless Economy with Pangea

April 5, 2024

Driven by an inspired vision to eliminate foreign exchange (FX) currency volatility risk, Pangea set out to build an AI-based hedging platform that could support a borderless economy and create a better future for all people, everywhere. Recognizing the wisdom in Proverbs 15:22, “Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed,” Pangea partnered with Servant to bring digital transformation to the foreign exchange hedging process.


The Challenge

Pangea faced challenges in developing an AI-driven hedging platform to eliminate FX currency risk for businesses, requiring expertise in product strategy, development, and technology decisions.

Proposed Solution

Servant played a pivotal role, offering executive product strategy, guiding development teams, and leading front-end design and engineering to align with Pangea's vision.

The Results

The collaboration resulted in Pangea Prime, achieving $8M in transactions within two months, empowering seven clients, and redefining financial tech standards with an elegant, user-friendly interface—testifying to Servant's commitment and expertise.

The Outcome

Servant’s Impact
  • 7 clients empowered
  • $8M in volume in 2 months
  • 80% in Total Savings in FX Fees for Clients
Resulting Performance
  • 3.7M Annual Run Rate
  • 400% Growth Rate
  • $53M+ Pipeline ARR

The Inspired Vision

Build Pangea Prime—a revolutionary AI-driven hedging platform. Its purpose? To eliminate FX currency risk in global transactions and shield businesses from the unpredictability of FX rates.

The Challenge

Product Strategy Complexity
Pangea grappled with complexities in formulating an effective product strategy for their AI-driven hedging platform, requiring expert guidance to navigate best practices.

Development Team Management

The challenges extended to managing product development teams, necessitating coaching and mentorship to ensure efficient processes and successful execution.

Technology Stack Selection
Pangea faced uncertainties in choosing the right technology stack for their product development efforts, seeking guidance to make informed decisions aligning with their vision.

Our Role

The Servant team supported Pangea by providing executive product strategy, which included:

  • Mentorship on best-practice processes
  • Coaching on how to run product development teams
  • Guidance on what technology stack would help drive Pangea’s product development efforts

Servant also spearheaded product development with front-end design and engineering.

Along the journey, Servant ensured alignment with Pangea’s vision through consistent feedback sessions, rigorous testing, and detailed documentation.


Financial Impact

  • Facilitated $8 million in transaction volume within just two months of launch.
  • Empowered seven clients, saving them 80% in FX fees.

User-friendly Interface

  • Released an elegant and user-friendly interface, redefining excellence in the financial tech space.
  • Streamlined cash flow processes, exceeding industry standards.

Kingdom Impact

Enabled Kingdom organizations to hedge, store, send, and receive foreign currency efficiently.
Significantly reduced FX fees, making hedging more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

Client Satisfaction

Pangea's Chief Revenue Officer praised Servant's commitment to excellence, high standards for talent, and willingness to share best practices. He highlighted Servant's role was like having an internal team that was kind, hardworking, and taking ownership of their work

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