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IIS Management Made Easy

Servant offers effortless and browser-based access to all your web servers through a cohesive system. Be it creating sites, adding new bindings, changing disk paths, or restarting the application pool, all these tasks can be performed directly from your browser.

Add multiple servers into combined web farms and perform actions on several servers at once – eliminate the need to perform same actions again and again, and save your valuable time!

Looking for site deployment? Let Servant handle the deployment for you.

Webfarm Support

Servant introduces true web farm support for Microsoft IIS. Now, you don’t have to worry over managing multiple Microsoft web servers, or creating multiple RDP connections and logins even for simple tasks such as creating a website or adding a binding.

Servant takes upon all the hard work and automatically keeps all your web servers in sync.
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Manage IIS

Servant is a better alternative to the IIS Manager on your Microsoft web server. Servant enables you administrate your IIS configuration directly from your browser.

Create new sites, change and update existing sites, start, stop, cycle, everything is possible.
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Site deployment

Servant facilitates automatic deployment of your website onto your server. By creating a new directory, uploading to it and changing the IIS site path to the new directory, Servant eliminates any downtime on your website.

Servant can even deploy a site to all the servers on your web farm.
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Multiple Users

With support for multiple users, you can easily manage access to Servant. You can always go back and see who deployed what and when.

Create as many users you like – only the administrator can remove users. Safe and sound!
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Automatic Rollback

Worried over servers differing in configuration or website working on one web server but not on another?

If something goes wrong while updating your web servers, Servant will automatically roll back to the previous settings.
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Farm Health

Misconfigured websites, bindings or application pools can be extremely difficult to troubleshoot.

Servant Farm Health easily exposes every difference between your farm servers.
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Erez Benari, Program Manager for IIS "This kind of innovation (not to mention terrific visual style) is a great achievement and speaks highly to the quality of the IIS community."
Scott Hanselman "It's really a lovely piece of software. Nicely done!"


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