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Welcome to Servant for IIS

Servant is a piece of software that transforms your regular Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager to a beautiful, fast and web-based management tool.

It's designed to fit your daily routines, optimized to track down your worst problems and created to stop you from wasting time on administration.

Scott Hanselman
"It's really a lovely piece of software. Nicely done!"
Erez Benari, Program Manager for IIS
"This kind of innovation (not to mention terrific visual style) is a great achievement and speaks highly to the quality of the IIS community."

IIS meets your browser

Servant is accessed as any other website. You just enter your credentials from a web browser and you instantly get access to every setting on your IIS.

The web interface is the core of Servant. You'll never need to remote connect to your server or install any additional software on your workstation to manage your server. As soon as the Servant Windows Service is running on your server you have access, even from your smartphone.

Simplified interface

With Servant everything is simplified and automated as much as absolutely possible.

Getting all the settings right can be hard. Especially when you have to find just the right one between hundreds of unnecessary options. With Servant everything is simplified and automated as much as absolutely possible.


  1. Download Servant using the green button below.
  2. Extract files to desired folder.
  3. Double-click the file "Install Servant Service.bat"
  4. Follow instructions on screen.
Download Servant for IIS now! Servant for IIS Free 1.1 - 728 kb


Servant Screenshot - Home Servant Screenshot - Site settings Servant Screenshot - Site errors/exceptions

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